Ode to Hair

I shaved my head over a year ago. Since then it’s been on a repeat cycle of growing back and falling out. It’s shedding again and I really miss having hair. Even a short bob would suffice. When I shaved it in March 2017, I didn’t think it was a big deal because hair was the least of my worries and I knew that it would grow back eventually. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be seeing long hair until I got better. And only God knows when that will be. Will I ever have my luscious thick frizzy hair again?

People say my pixie cut is cute and I pull it off well, which is very kind of them to say, but I have not stepped out in public spaces with my head in view because of several reasons: it’s shedding and it falls everywhere, it’s noticeably thinning, and my visible scalp is so dry (a side effect to my current treatment that makes my skin, even my scalp, extremely dry) that it looks like I have severe dandruff. Otherwise I would flaunt the pixie. Since that is not the case and I am very self-conscious, I must wear a hat when I go out. I hate to admit it, but I am a girly-girl and sometimes I want to let my hair down, literally. Certain dresses and outfits look wrong with a baseball cap, fedora, or straw hat, and what about evenings when a hat looks kind of ridiculous. Sometimes I wear my wig to make nicer dresses work, but even then I have to wear a beret to make the hair look natural.

Hair, oh, hair,

Oh puffy jet black frizzy hair…


As my sister would say (her maxim for 2016), “Life is real.”

It happens.

A fuzzy head with strands of grey.