There are many things I am thankful for, but one thing in particular is how J.Crew and Anthropologie opened their wedding boutiques before my big day. Anthropologie’s BHLDN line is fantastic – and I don’t like to throw around adjectives like this. But it is SPECTACULAR AND BRILLIANT AND SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME. From the website design and wedding attires/accessories, to all their decorating ideas!!! they’re so perfect! (hehehe, I sound crazy).

but how can one resist…

-sigh- I probably cannot afford many of these things, but if anything, it has given me inspiration to create. :)

Interpretation Variation

Fascinating. How a photo, a quote, a piece of literature, a film, a film scene, a conversation, anything really, is subject to interpretation. Even health, based on my absent knowledge and observation of Season 1 of House, is based on interpretation.  A person has a, b, c symptoms. Could it be x, y, or z?  One doctor could diagnose it as x, but another could diagnose it as z. After much study, they could agree it is actually y.  Don’t correct me if I’m wrong.  But back to the photo, quote, or film scene — let’s study this photo, for example:

Fact: There is a dog, a kid, on grass. Kid’s right hand is on the dog’s head.

Interpretation: The dog looks sad. The kid is a boy. They are in the middle of a grassy field. It is a gloomy day.  The boy is gently patting the dog. Who knows; maybe the dog just looks that way. Maybe the kid is actually a girl. Maybe it’s not a field, it’s a small park. Maybe the boy is trying to balance himself by putting his hand on the dog’s head. It’s all a matter of interpretation by observation.

And now, let’s study this photo:

Fact: Hair is in a low bun with a hair accessory.

Interpretations: Curly. Not so curly. Slight bump on top of her head. High bump on top of her head. No bump.  Lots of hairspray. Little hair hairspray. Loose curls. Casual. Formal. Short hair. Long hair. Bangs. No bangs. Slight bangs.

The combinations are infinite!

And with one photo, I have been getting all sorts of different results, and none have been looking like how I have been interpreting this photo.

I see: loose curls, casual, no bump, no hairspray, slightly messy.

And I have been explaining my interpretations.

But no matter what, the artists have been seeing things differently, and interpreting my words differently, though I feel like I have been very clear: “NO BUMP please. LOOSE CURLS please. CASUAL and SLIGHTLY MESSY please. I know you need hairspray, but KEEP IT TO THE MINIMUM please.”

But no. This is what I got today:

It’s similar, but there’s a bump, it’s tight on the sides, everything is tight except the bun with curls. I’m kind of, sort of, tired. Of misinterpretations. :T

Make-up Ordeal

Some girls look pretty with make-up. Some look better with make-up. Some look different with make-up (both good and bad). And some, like myself, look very very Asian with make-up. My eyes look smaller, my cheek bones higher, and I have an overall look that makes me stereotypically oriental. Maybe I’m in denial and I cannot accept the fact that I’m very oriental looking, but I thought I could hide that with make-up. Unfortunately, it accentuates it.

I decided to do my own make-up for my wedding.

Over the years I’ve learned,

always, always, go with my gut instinct; and my gut tells me to do it myself.
My mirror tells me to do it myself.

I know. But I’m not going to get make-up done for the sake of getting make-up done. It’s not about the money; it’s about how I want to look, and I don’t want to look… unnatural.

I want to feel comfortable to smile, and I want to smile.

That’s all.

Oh Shoot!

It’s already time for the photo shoot. (eeek!)

I’ve been searching for things to wear for weeks, but it all came down to what I had in my closet. :T

We’ll see how they turn out. eiagjeoifjaogjeakhdlkjaakdgalkejaejooooo.

Here’s a photo from the Rose Garden today. (The roses were still in buds; maybe in a week or two they’ll be in bloom).

What should I wear?!

A silly question I have been reluctant to ask. I felt confident that I had a plan; I knew what looked best on me.
But no! I don’t, and this is terrible. I have a limited time to coordinate two outfits (one casual, one semi-formal).

Initially, I was looking for a dress that looked like this (while I was also searching for the same dress (which I later found out was out of my price-range and out of season (not for sale)):

However, for the past few months, I have not found a dress remotely close to the color and style.

The dress above was my plan; but with no dress, I have no plan! What am I to doooooo. (hehe).

Blogs (weddings + photography) have informed readers that engagement photo wardrobes should be vibrant in color. If I were to choose colors that best suit my skin-tone, I think my best match would be red or navy/royal blue. So far…. it’s been difficult finding the one. What do you think of these? (*note: setting for photos: city)






not necessarily these items, but this look (jcrew)


photo from the Sartorlialist






a different white blouse + this skirt (photo from jcrew)




i) trench coat + blouse + jeans


I don’t know……………………

btw, is it a bad idea to wear white?

Do you have different recommendations? or recommendations on what not to wear?