Field Trip: Huntington Library

Field Trip: Huntington Library

In order to get free tickets to the once a month free day at the Huntington Library, you must set an alarm/alert for 8:50am on the first of the month prior. You must be sitting at your computer desk or have your phone in hand with the link to the tickets page open and ready to click. Not the homepage of the Huntington Library or the next two pages leading to the tickets page, but the actual tickets reservation page several clicks in. When the clock strikes 9:00am, hundreds of people will be clicking on the same link, causing a likely site crash by 9:01am. If you get stuck in the crash, you will find yourself looking at a “Sold Out” page by the time the site loads properly, which would be at exactly 9:02am. On April 1st, I leisurely walked to my computer at 9:05am and found myself baffled by the speed in which the tickets were taken. On May 1st, I was ready. I set my alarm, I had the page open on my computer (but it was the page before the reservation page) and the site froze instantly seconds after 9am; luckily I had the reservation page open on my phone and was able to snatch the tickets for June.

A lesson to be learned: Life is a competition.





Girls Trip: Vegas

We met in college, 2004. Now that we’re married and living in different cities, it’s difficult to find time to get together just the three of us. Four, if another had joined. ;)

We wanted to go somewhere to relax and eat (because that’s how 30+ year-olds roll). Since one of our husbands had a conference in Vegas and was able to book us an upgraded room, we basically tagged along and did our own thing. It’s funny how all our husbands asked, “What are you going to do in Vegas?” because they couldn’t imagine us there in the typical party/gambling/drinking scene. We simply wanted to relax and eat, wherever the location, which is all we did. Little did we know there was rave festival during the same weekend with a little bit of extra chaos. We avoided all that and spent the days eating good food and some time at the spa, relaxing and talking–typical ahjumma (old lady) stuff.



Field Trip: The Getty Center


The Getty is great for families, especially on warm days when you can stroll around the garden, lie down in the shade on perfectly tended grass, pop into a gallery to get a quick glimpse of history while enjoying the air-conditioned room, or sit around the outside tables to enjoy a cool beverage and snacks. There’s also a Family Room with fun activities to keep the littles busy. Their permanent collections are noteworthy and their temporary exhibitions are free and well-curated. We visited “Beyond the Nile: Egypt and the Classical World” and Elaine stayed engaged while walking through the eerie dark setting with “scary heads” and sculptures. She enjoyed the jewelry and treasures the most. Surprisingly, the garden was the least fun for her because pebbles kept getting in her jelly sandals and the beautiful spring blooms, i.e., poppies, lavender, roses, were gathering places for “bumblebees.” She kept saying, “There’s bumblebees. The bumblebees, the bumblebeeeees,” in a nervous tone. Later, she broke into a full on cry because she wanted to get out of there. Well. It was fun while it lasted.

Day at the Beach

Elaine began showing cold-symptoms on Friday night. She couldn’t go to preschool today because she had a lingering cough and stuffy nose. Since she was caged inside the house all weekend, we took a short trip to the beach for some sunshine. (Plus, the weather’s been unusually warm (70s-80s)). She enjoys playing in the sand, often rolling and crawling on it. One hour flies by when she’s playing with her bucket full of water and sand, stirring the mixture and scooping a shovel-full for us to “eat,” and by the time we have to go home, she wants to take sand home. I told her she could take it home as long as she could hold it in her hand. She tried piling as much as she could in her tiny palm as most of it slipped between her fingers. Again and again she scooped and tried to hold onto it, but she eventually realized she couldn’t hold much of her beloved sand in her hand so it wasn’t worth taking. That was my art of manipulation. With kids, you learn to choose your battles. “Let’s get changed.” [runs away]. [chase after the kid, yell, or wait]. Some days I chase her, some days I yell, some days I wait. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win, and that’s how it goes. Today, I won. ;)

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Field Trip: L.A. Zoo

Elaine really wanted to see the jaguars. Fortunately, the jaguar was the most interesting compared to the other big cats (i.e., lions, tigers, etc.) who were in deep slumber. There was a monkey family (mom, baby, and dad) that was also fascinating to observe. Overall, it was a fun day. I forgot how large wild animals could be, like the zebras and hippos. My recommendations would be to go on a weekday (it was so crowded today (Saturday)), purchase tickets online before coming (which we did and we bypassed the long line for tickets. We also received discounts through my husband’s work but I’m sure there are other discounts available online, such as Groupon), bring a stroller for your little ones, wear a hat and/or sunscreen, bring snacks, and be prepared to walk a lot (i.e., wear comfortable shoes).