“When You Believe”

The other night I was browsing through YouTube and happened upon Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey singing “When You Believe,” and I was surprisingly, unexpectedly moved and almost shed a tear. :’)

So I share it with you, if you haven’t been one of the 211 million viewers already.

Concert: Mutemath

Husband and I ventured to the city for a concert on a Tuesday night. 8pm-11:30pm. I almost died at work today, but the concert was well worth it. Honestly, I’ve never been to a rock concert and I’ve never been a hard-rock fan (though they are “alternative”), but I admit they have set a high bar for live performances. As husband states, some musicians play well but their concerts aren’t that great; Mutemath, on the other hand, plays well and performs well.  He was right; their music was better live than on CD.  I initially didn’t like Paul Meany’s voice when I listened to their music, but hearing him live made his voice more tolerable.  He is definitely intense.

One aspect of their show being well-performed was how the musicians maximized their small space not only on stage, but also by strolling, surfing, and rolling through the crowd. It was especially fun to watch Paul Meany try to balance on a mattress while the crowd pushed him across the room. He eventually fell onto the floor, but he jumped back on and continued performing as though nothing happened. One word: crazy.

The band walking through the crowd.

The drummer rides into the crowd.

The end.