Birthday Week

We’re only young once, they say. Youth is passing and I behave like an old woman–huffing and puffing after walking a short distance, wearing tons of layers because I’m always cold, wanting to stay home rather than go out, hot tea instead of iced water. Once upon a time, I was young and (relatively) healthy. Now, well, my life is quite the opposite. Thirty-three. May this year be a year of healing and living.


Everything You Love in a Chocolate Bar

I like donuts, I like coffee, and I like chocolate. Put them together and you get a Compartés‘s Donuts and Coffee chocolate bar! Located on Melrose (L.A.) inside Alfred Coffee, you will walk through the charming coffee shop and into a small room with a clean, modern, black and white interior. There are individually sold chocolates behind a glass display and pretty-packaged chocolate bars along two walls to the left of the entrance when you walk in. At $9 a bar, it is a special indulgence or a great gift idea.

DSC05524_c I could definitely taste the donuts, but the coffee seemed hidden in the milk chocolate flavor. I wish the coffee flavor stood out, maybe with finely ground coffee beans. The milk chocolate was a good choice because if it were dark chocolate, the other flavors would’ve been concealed. I would buy it again just because it’s so unique. And I love the packaging.


Valentine’s day is coming up. ;)

Birthday Breakfast at République

I turned something-something years old in the beginning of the year. My sister was in town and my husband said he could watch the baby, so we took the baby-free opportunity to visit République, a place that is not so baby-friendly. On Saturday morning, the place bustled with locals, tourists, hipsters, foodies, young and old. The interior looked like a wide foyer filled with tables and chairs–unconventional, but it worked.  You walk through the doors to face a countertop layered with an assortment of pastries, every one of which you want to taste and take home. We ultimately chose the puff pastries to accompany our coffees, then ordered our own breakfast preferences. My sister’s dish had a bacon slice that was an inch thick–melt-in-your-mouth goodness but heart-attack inducing. So good. I saw others who ordered kimchi fried rice, but we’re Korean and we don’t pay for that kind of stuff, especially when it’s $16!  Everything is a bit pricey. Overall, I liked the restaurant for its ambiance–a nice place to hang out and talk with friends over coffee.  A nice place to spend your birthday morning with your sister (Thanks, Hen-nahhh~ :)).

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This May be the Last Year of My Youth

The day began with a good cup of coffee and the best donut in town. “Sounds corny and seedy, but yes, indeed-y; I like the simple life” (“Give Me the Simple Life”).

After wandering about in the city, husband took me to a Japanese restaurant for some izakayas. We grubbed on six small dishes and ended the meal with a matcha green tea affogato.

Photo Jan 04, 5 00 56 PMimage-22image-23image-24image-25image-26

The evening continued with a live jazz performance by a group of talented young men.

Photo Jan 04, 7 58 55 PMPhoto Jan 04, 8 02 42 PM (1)

And the first day of the last year of my youth ended with…