Field Trip: Unique L.A.

My first experience at a craft fair was Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco (2010). It was located in one of the warehouses along the piers and I remember the space being massive. Not only was the space massive, it was filled with booths for independent artists and their goods lined side by side in a circular shape. I didn’t know what to expect at the time and found myself being thrown along the tide of people in a conveyor belt-like fashion not knowing when to stop and look or when I should turn around and go back to my favorite booths. It was overwhelming but fun to experience–I came out feeling like I’ve been thrown around in a craft filled tornado. Since then I have made an effort to attend annual pop-ups and have learned to take my time and be okay with not seeing everything; I know what I’m interested in and which ones to pass. That would be my tip for first-timers: brace yourself to be overwhelmed and know what to pass.

Of the seemingly many events that happen year round, Unique L.A. is probably my favorite that happens in L.A. because: 1) it’s located in a good venue with ample parking (not free, but that’s pretty much everywhere in L.A.; must be thankful for availability), 2) they have a tasteful selection of booths, not too overwhelming, 3) it’s kid friendly, 4) they offer “free” goodies that aren’t likely to end up in the trash (samples, sponsored products, photo booths, canvas bag, etc.), and 5) they usually have a hands-on activity station. This year they had a flower crown making station with several tables for crafting and an abundance of flowers to work with. I made a crown for Elaine and she loved it.

Our admission/complimentary tote bags included free admission to the OC Fair. I’ve never been, so I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to go. :)

birthday party ideas

My daughter’s birthday is in June and I am already planning her class party/parties. I was brainstorming on paper but I had to make a visual layout with links to where to find products because it helped me plan better. This will be her first class party and for the past few months she’s been attending school (only 3.5 months), I feel as though she’s been coming home with a goody bag every other week because of a classmate’s birthday party. Ah, the good ol’ days: when your class celebrated your birthday with you. I suppose it stops after kindergarten due to public school policies regarding equity or such. Anyway, after creating my collages, one thing was for certain–her goody bags will be awesome!

Idea #1: Purple (her favorite color and also this year’s “Color of the Year” by Pantone)


1.  candles // 2. metallic rhye plates (small) // 3. ube leche flan cupcake // 4. lilac cake stand // 5. purple flatware // 6. galactic napkin // 7. galactic cup // 8. “For You” favor bags // 9. glitter crayons // 10. star glasses // 11. grape flavored gummy bears // 12. honeycomb mini-balls garland // 13-14. balloons: quartz purple, purple chrome

Idea #2: Flowers


1. flower bouquet garland // 2. sugar cookies shaped like flowers // 3. flower grow kit // 4. burlap favor bag // 5. felt stickers // 6. Liberty of London cupcake kit // 7. gold tall candles // 8. spring flower assorted plates // 9. Magnolia Bakery’s vanilla buttercream cake or 10. Magnolia Bakery’s cupcakes

*note to self: make sugar cookies myself, other candle color might be better, check out Target’s dollar section for mini-plant kits (I bought a poppy in a flowerpot kit for $1 in the past)

Idea #3: Fruitfruit

1. pompom party hats // 2. neon citrus plates // 3. red cutlery // 4. confetti balloons // 5. Porto’s Strawberry Bavarian Mousse cake // 6. windowpane favor bag // 7. fruit party picks // 8. pineapple straws  // 9. Japanese fruit gummy candy from Kasugai // 10. fruit erasers

*note to self: need to prepare fruit platter, check out Daiso for gummies and erasers

Idea #4: Stars


1. vanilla cupcakes // 2. cupcake kit // 3. Mylar star balloons // 4. silver star party plates (small) // 5. star party cups (silver) // 6. silver napkins // 7. silver cutlery // 8. heart-star glassine bags // 9. Hershey’s Kisses // 10. cosmic temporary tattoos // 11. silver star magnets

Now to decide which theme to go for…