Post-Impressionists at the de Young

The de Young museum is holding a special exhibit featuring Post-Impressionist masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay, and of course I had to go.  Though not a huge fan of (romantic) Impressionists, I do love their later phase with vivid colors, thick applications of paint in bold brush strokes, and fusing realism with geometric forms; in other words, I love van Gogh.  Here’s “Starry Night Over the Rhone,” a less dramatic piece compared to The Starry Night” at the NY MoMA, but I think this piece should be appreciated in its own — stars twinkling one peaceful evening — an impression in one’s mind that photos cannot capture:


"Starry Night Over the Rhone" (1888), Vincent van Gogh


I’m glad my fiance enjoys and appreciates art. I can drag him with me to any gallery and he’d be happy.  Maybe because he’s with me. ;)

Rolling Hills

Friday night at BAM (Berkeley Art Museum) with various Japanese musicians (and one Caucasian drummer) playing traditional-modern fusion music using the koto.  The music reminded me of the film, Untitled — what is music if not arranged noise, what is art if not an expression.  After the performance, a man asked his colleague, “Was that strange enough for you?”  and that pretty much summed up my thoughts — strange, but imaginative.

After touring the galleries (focusing on the Japanese art exhibit, “Flowers of the Four Seasons”), we ran around orange hills/waves (created by Thom Faulders) and sang like Freulein Maria with our arms outstretched.  Friday.

Party with Cake

It was a three-day weekend and I needed to celebrate ending the first week of school in triumph.  My students are (so far) brilliant (except for a boy or two) and I might even go to D.C. with them in May. (I might have to go; eek).

Anyway, I read about a cake (painting) exhibit by Paul Ferney called “Let them Eat Cake” that was being held today. I read the post around 5:45pm and decided to go — which was perfect timing since the exhibit opened from 6-8pm.  Everything went perfectly.  When I neared the building, I found perfect parking in the bustle of Valencia Street.  There was also a perfect thrift store nearby, which was closed, but noted in my head to visit in the near future. The exhibit was so perfectly sweet and I loved all the quotes and all the pretty paintings and I wished I could put them in my imaginary home.  I left the building with camera in hand, taking photos of random things, and my feet, and that’s when I happened to walk by an alley of murals.  I was thrilled and felt kind of like a dork to be excited about it. But I brushed it off and immediately asked a random passerby to take a photo for me.  :)