When I was five years old, I wanted to be a mermaid. Now that I’m thirty-something, I’ve become more rational and have worked as an English teacher for seven years.  I like reading, though I’m pretty fickle and slow. When I love a book, I inhale it. If I don’t like a book, 200 pages can take a year or two. I try to finish books, although I realize the endeavor may be a waste of time because it hinders me from reading ones I would enjoy.  Anyway, I’m a bit irrational.

According to my husband, I pronounce my name as “Juenee” at Starbucks (or any place that asks for my name).  I also like coffee, but I’m not a coffee snob. I do have a sweet tooth–my lifelong enemy.

I love God and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is my best friend. I was really sick in high school and desperately prayed, calling for healing like the blind man from Luke 18:35-43.  Jesus healed many who were sick, but I related to him because he had lost one of his five senses (I had lost my sense of taste (and my voice)), a pain not many understand unless one also has had the experience. I also related to him because my heart shouted Jesus’s name the way he shouted out in the streets ignoring those around him who told him to be quiet.  And I related to this blind man the most because I felt his desperation and need for salvation. I really wanted to live, but more than that, I really wanted to be saved and be with my Father if I died. I called out for Jesus just like the blind man, and that’s how I was saved and that’s how I lived.*

I met my husband during grad school. His first impression of me was that I was really old because he was technically still in college (finishing a semester after graduation) and I was in grad school. He thought only old people were in grad school. My first impression of him was that he was very proud. He kept on playing Andy McKee’s “Drifting” whenever I saw him (because the groups I happened to be with always requested it).  He says that was probably when I fell in love with him. Ha! So proud.  A year or two later when I moved to the area, I met him again at church. He supposedly realized I wasn’t that old and I realized he was actually really nice and we became friends. He then asked me to date towards marriage after three months of being friends, which I understood as an early proposal and freaked me out.  He gave me three options: a) date now, b) date after an interrogation date, c) date later; as you can see, he only gave me the options of dating him. So sly. After contemplation, I chose b, and after interrogating him, I decided to give him a shot. A year later we were engaged, and a year after that, we were married. Two and a half years later, our baby was born. Now she’s a princess child. So I’m a daughter of Christ, a wife of a proud man, and a mother of a princess. I’m also a daughter of a shepherd (dad) and farmer (mom), and a sister of two miscreants. ;)

*I am currently battling stage IV colon cancer, (I was diagnosed in August 2016). I don’t want cancer to be the story of my life even though it feels like it wants to take over my life (quite literally). I want my testimony to be about how the Lord loved me, shaped me, and used me as an instrument for His kingdom. 

That’s all.

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