5 Fun Things

We live in the desert and it’s beginning to roast. For now it’s mildly in the 90s but we know it’ll soon hit above the 100s and the Husband will blast the AC whenever he is home. When he’s not home, our house stays at a cool but comfortable 78-79 degrees. He prefers temperatures equivalent to his work/hospital setting, which is basically freezing and I cannot stand it–the constant AC rumble and air blowing into my perpetually runny nose. If only we could build him his personal cold room.

But enough of my rant.

There is so much to sigh and complain about, especially when I think about society at large and Kanye running for Presidency (what!); it takes conscious effort to refrain and change my mindset to gratitude, to think about His sovereignty and that everything, no matter how absurd it may seem, is according to His plan. The least I can do is submit to His commands in humble obedience, to care and love my neighbors, make effort to do what I can socially (e.g., voting, supporting local businesses, etc.), and to be thankful for the life I was given, the life that was purchased through His Son’s blood. Though there may be much chaos in the world, peace can be found within Christ and the gospel, and that gives me hope and sanity when I feel myself beginning to spiral down my mental blackhole.

We still have many months ahead of social-distancing: of crafting, creating, exploring, reading, reflecting, and studying.

Here are five things that allow a bit of unwinding and de-stressing:

  1. Cooking new recipes: If you’re like me, you might have already been pinning, saving, collecting recipes from cookbooks, magazines, blogs, etc. Lately I’ve been referring to Alison Roman’s Dining In. I know, I know; she’s been recently scrutinized for her insensitive, callous remarks regarding a few well-known non-white female entrepreneurs, which was/is horrible and it was so disappointing and saddening because I’ve been a fan of her cooking/videos, but I purchased her book before the incident and her recipes are…well, pretty good. I hope she does make effort to change her way of thinking and speaking. One cooking lesson I learned in my 30s is that I have a flavor profile and chefs/recipes also have flavor profiles, and in order to find a “good” recipe, our flavor profiles must match. Not only must they match, they must also be accessible. Alison Roman’s recipes match my flavor profile and her ingredients are (mostly) simple and accessible/adjustable. Recently I tried her bronzini recipe, which was basically baking/roasting 2 bronzini fish from H-mart with slices of lemon, and it was simple and delicious with rice. Anyway, my point is, experimenting with new recipes and finding ones that are tried-and-true will be worthwhile even after this pandemic.
  2. Netflix’s Eurovision Song Contest starring Will Ferrel and Rachel MacAdams was a lighthearted film with catchy songs. Dan Stevens also stars in the film, and his character is so ridiculous/funny! Because he played my favorite character in Downton Abbey (as Mathew Crawley), he has become one of my favorite actors, and because his character in Eurovision was the complete opposite of his Downton Abbey character, it was all the more hilarious to watch.
  3. Disney Paper Parks: Disneyland closed its doors since late March and having been an annual pass holder last year with hopes to continue to visit this year, we’ve been missing the monthly excursions. So sad. hehe. Disney Parks Blog released a paper craft activity that recreates Main Street with parade items. I haven’t tried it yet, but I printed it out to craft with my daughter this month.
  4. Gardens: We haven’t ventured out to public spaces, especially ones that are indoors, but I think we may be able to visit gardens this summer/fall. There are a few botanical gardens I have had in mind, and they have been slowly re-opening with limited capacity/tickets. As long as everyone adheres to wearing masks and these outdoor venues are limited in capacity/tickets, I may dare to venture out of my home.
  5. Drive-in Theaters: There are a couple drive-in theaters around where we live, and we’ve attended Street Food Cinema once or twice in the past, and the change in scenery allows for a brief refreshment, even though the activity of viewing a film may be frequent and mundane. My daughter is always down for staying up late, watching a movie, and eating snacks.

Hope you are well, friends.

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