Seven Years

Our wedding was on July 30th, 2011 in San Francisco. (Coincidentally, my husband’s favorite athlete, Stephen Curry, also has the same wedding anniversary as us).  When I calculated the years, I couldn’t believe it has only been seven years. It feels like twenty, at least.

I feel so old, as though I’ve aged at hyper speed the past few years and I’m suddenly fifty. I do feel fifty. And because I feel so old, I also feel like I’ve been married a long time.


God is good. He has deemed us worthy for this trial and to tread through it together. He has shown us how weak we are on our own, how dependent we are on Him, and how His mercy and love is ever present reflected upon in our marriage, especially in our weaknesses, as we have faced good days and difficult days together as husband and wife. This trial is not yet over and who knows how long it will be, but I am thankful the Lord has provided a faithful and loving husband who will be by my side until the end.

Happy seven years.


jy-293jeaneeyohan-291jeaneeyohan-500Photo Jul 30, 12 07 40 PM Photo Jul 30, 10 02 21 PMDSC00631DSC01269IMG_7651Processed with VSCO with c3 presetDSC07828_c_small

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