Summer List

Long Island, NY
Summer 2012: Long Island, NY
  • Huntington Library free day
  • Disneyland (+Pixar Fest!): Elaine’s 4th birthday
  • Finish reading Harry Potter (I’m finally on book 7, woohoo~) and watch the films (Deathly Hollows Part I & II)
  • Universal Studios: Kaiser employees day
  • Chaperone Elaine’s school field trip to Riley’s farm and Richard Nixon’s library
  • Visit The Getty Villa (will be my first time)
  • Visit a lavender field (season is ending soon)
  • Go cherry picking
  • Watch The Incredibles 2
  • Legoland: Part 2 of a 2-day ticket. Elaine went with her dad and grandparents the first round and it was supposedly cold and overcast. We hope to visit on a warm day so that we can enjoy the water park.
  • Trip to the Bay area for a couple of days
  • Attend a Dodgers or A’s game
  • OC fair
  • Have a picnic and ride the Echo Park swan boats
  • Attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. (Choices of interest: Diana Ross, Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire — in concert, one of LA Philharmonic’s performances, Annie, Bon Iver, or Jazz at the Bowl–Greg Porter: Nat King Cole and Me with Savion Glover. I’ve never been to the Hollywood Bowl and I heard they do orchestra accompaniments to films. The tickets website doesn’t exactly say, so I wonder how I’m supposed to distinguish between a concert and a film + concert…)
  • Visit the Griffith Observatory at night
  • and of course, what is summer without beach days!

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