Girls Trip: Vegas

We met in college, 2004. Now that we’re married and living in different cities, it’s difficult to find time to get together just the three of us. Four, if another had joined. ;)

We wanted to go somewhere to relax and eat (because that’s how 30+ year-olds roll). Since one of our husbands had a conference in Vegas and was able to book us an upgraded room, we basically tagged along and did our own thing. It’s funny how all our husbands asked, “What are you going to do in Vegas?” because they couldn’t imagine us there in the typical party/gambling/drinking scene. We simply wanted to relax and eat, wherever the location, which is all we did. Little did we know there was rave festival during the same weekend with a little bit of extra chaos. We avoided all that and spent the days eating good food and some time at the spa, relaxing and talking–typical ahjumma (old lady) stuff.



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