little big prayers

Yesterday I spent the entire day with my daughter by myself. My sister left for a vacation+business trip overseas and my husband was working all day. It has been awhile since Elaine and I had Mommy-and-me time and for most of the day, it was a very good day.

She loves telling stories with lots of dramatic arm and hand gestures, she loves pushing the kids’ shopping cart at Trader Joe’s, that is, until she receives a plate of free samples in which I’m left pushing the mini-cart because she can’t do two things at once (and obviously food is priority), she makes me promise many things throughout the day, such as “You have to promise to buy me bananas, okay?” “You have to promise to remember, okay?”, and she prays for me without prompting, often randomly.

“Dear God, thank you for this food*. Please bless this food. Thank you for Jesus. Please heal Mommy. Please heal her so that she’s all better. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”  (*she thanks God for food even when it’s not meal time)

I watch her pray aloud with her hands clasped together against her chest, eyes squished shut, saying those exact words, and my heart bursts, bringing me to tears every time, though I try very hard to keep myself composed.

She doesn’t know how I am sick, what I have, and often wonders why I cut my hair so short. All she knows is that Mommy has 아야 (‘boo boo’ or ‘owie’) and that we pray for healing.

And I pray that God will answer her prayers.

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