Happy Friday!

  • I enjoy watching superhero movies, mainly because they can be comical, but I haven’t been much of a fan of The Avengers series. The concept in itself is about revenge and that seems a bit contradictory to what a hero should represent. The latest film will feature all the Marvel characters and that already shouts: bad movie. Too many, too much, too cheesy. But my husband wants to watch it, so. I only hope it’s comical.
  • North Korea, South Korea, peace negotiations? What is going on? My mother has occasionally expressed her disapproval of the current South Korean President because she says “He’s a communist,” so it makes me wonder: is he? Are people blinded by optimism and their desire for unification? Did they forget what kind of person Kim Jong Un is? If anything, this seems like a scheme for something catastrophic and I pray what I imagine (which is, the end of Western civilization) will stay an imagination. Friends on Facebook seem happy about the publicity of both leaders coming together, but this is coming from mostly second generation Korean Americans, so I think it appropriate to share my mother’s concern and skepticism. Something fishy is going on… and it may be time to move to Finland (voted to be the safest country in the world).
  • In other news, I am thankful that my PET scan from Tuesday revealed the cancer cells are inactive. I have a CT scan on Sunday that will reveal the structure of the masses. There hasn’t been much change in the past year, which was good in a sense that they weren’t growing, but I pray there is shrinkage this time, and even disappearance. I pray, I pray, I pray… My father has often shouted, “주여! (Lord!)” wherever and whenever, and I’ve come to understand why.
  • One side effect for my current treatment is an acne-like rash on my face. The nurse who explained the treatment said, “The more [the rash], the better; that means the medicine is working,” and she gestured that the rash would appear around my mouth. I braced myself and thought, “Okay, as long as it will help me get better, I can endure this.” Well, the rash has appeared on my eyelids and around my eyes (eyebrow area, under the eyes, on my nose, inside the nose, yeah), which I feel is the worst place to get a rash because of its delicate nature. I furiously rub my eyes every night because my eyes feel dry and the skin around my eyes itches, and yes, I use eyedrops and cream, but I still can’t help rubbing them because it provides some relief, albeit very little. I remember when treatment first began, my skin began to dry as if all the oil and moisture in existence were being sucked out of me. My entire face was shriveling up and I was developing a crust-like texture all over. It has been a kind of physical and mental torture, an ongoing battle inside and out. Still, life goes on, thankfully, and even though I look and feel as though I’ve aged 20 years in the past 4 months, I cling to hope… and that is the easiest yet hardest battle.
  • My daughter has narrowed it down to wanting a purple or star party. She is definitely not the typical girly-girl. Instead of pink, flowers, laces, and such, she loves all things sparkly, glittery, and quirky (e.g., like really ugly and weird looking dolls/stuffed animals). She is so weird, and I love her so much.
  • Lastly, spring around our neighborhood:

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Hope you have a relaxing, happy weekend.

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