dream scene

Last night I had a dream.

The road was unpaved, rocky, leading up a hill. I was walking through a small village with houses made of brick and stone. I don’t remember encountering people. There was a barn–an open animal shed. A picketed fence led into the property but the fence was only a small section of a stone wall that surrounded the area. It was nothing grand of a wall and somewhat haphazardly built.  I walked through the fence, into the animal shed, and found a young donkey (a foal? colt?). It wasn’t so much like a donkey because it was not as hairy and the ears weren’t as long. The foal/colt was light grey in color, uniform throughout, and its coat was more like that of a horse, short and smooth. It did not have a long mane and it wasn’t as tall as a full-grown horse. I approached the animal and somehow knew that it was to be used for Jesus’s ride into Jerusalem. I sat next to the foal/colt and began stroking its head. I began crying, telling the animal, “You are so lucky, you get to meet Jesus. You get to carry Him. You’re going to meet Jesus. I wish I could meet Him. I wish I could meet Jesus…”

(And then my dream changed into another dream, something I can’t remember).

This morning, due to it being Palm Sunday, the scripture reading was from Luke 19, recounting the day of Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a colt. It was as if my mind did a reboot and all systems were turning back on as I remembered last night’s dream about the colt. I’m sorry/embarrassed to say, I have not been thinking about Palm Sunday and certainly nothing about donkeys, colts, remote villages, etc. The scripture reading caught me by surprise and I wondered,


His presence is overwhelming and I fall to my knees. The Lord is with me in Spirit, all the time. How amazing is that.

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