February Favorites

  • The Greek Gods’ Greek Yogurt–Maple flavor: Tastes like cheesecake! More tart than sweet. So good. I like it better than Chobani because it’s not as thick.
  • Hand-washing my sweaters. Weird, I know, but I love the feeling of checking something off my to-do list, and the pile of sweaters in my closet was one of them. I also like scraping off lint balls off the sweaters with a razor, a trick I’ve learned that helps a little. A little is better than nothing. :o)
  • CompartĂ©s chocolate: Campfire S’mores: 70% dark chocolate with toasty marshmallows and graham cracker bits. A little indulgence since it was Valentines Day. ;) Their shop is 20s/30s snazzy and can we talk about their chocolate bar packaging? Puppies. Poppies. Brilliant.Photo Feb 25, 9 18 02 PMPhoto Feb 25, 9 17 46 PM
  • Eataly L.A.: A bit of Italy in L.A. I know it’s also in NYC and it’s nothing new, but it’s finally in L.A. Good pizza and pasta, a variety of take-away counters, and the market with all kinds of oils, cheese, crackers, and sweets. I could browse for hours.
  • Colder weather. By cold, I mean 50s-60s. hehe. It’s finally winter in California and I can wrap myself in a blanket to read my books. There is no better feeling.
  • Snowdrift Snow Tubing: My daughter has frequently shared her frustration and confusion about it not snowing where we live; she’s been wanting to build a snowman forever. As you can tell, she has yet to understand the concept of meteorology and geography. This past Saturday, we finally drove up to Lake Arrowhead to go snow tubing. But first thing’s first: Elaine had to build a snowman.DSC03943csmall

Much to look forward to in March! ;)

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