I love turning the pages on my wall calendar every beginning of the month (so much so that I have been changing it for my sister for the past year). There is something refreshing about seeing the new month at a glance with the anticipation of the unknown. I am not a goal-setter and have never committed to anything long-term because of my personality in desiring to do the exact opposite when strict requirements are incumbent upon reaching a goal. However, seeing how the past year unravelled in countless terrible, stressful, unpleasant circumstances and situations, I plan to change things up and take some control. Of course, all things are in the hands of God, but that does not mean to let things roll without taking responsibility.

First and foremost, exercise and eat healthy. I know, I know. I should have committed to this the moment I was diagnosed. And I have been trying, just not in the hard-core mindset. Some people are all-in or all-out. I have always been all-out, content with observing others toil away from the comforts of my bed. Though I cannot promise to be all-in, I am dunking my feet into commitment. This year, I will join a gym and go at least two to three times a week. I hated exercise since I can remember. To avoid P.E. in high school, I joined marching band and the other one or two P.E. class requirements for graduation were spent in badminton and steps (I think that’s what it was called). My sedentary life must come to an end and I must to get my heart pumping and muscles working/forming. I will also cut sugar. It is a battle I fight every day because I love sweets and breads. UGH, my nemesis. Sugar feeds cancer so my simple sweet joys must be realigned towards other things. Like… tea. I can do tea.

Second, save money. Save for a house. Save for Elaine’s college fund. Save for quality items. Save for the future. Save save save. No more spending money at Target. Ha, just kidding. But no more spending money on a whim. No more getting lured into sales. Unsubscribe to those emails! I get so much junk mail from subscriptions to stores, even stores to which I’ve never subscribed. No more clothes. No more, no more. Another joy into the bin. Sigh. Instead, it will be photography. Today, I started a 365 black & white project. It’s more personal so I won’t be posting any of it, but that will be my redirection.

Third, and lastly, commit to my post on the fruits of the spirit.

Oh man, 2018 will be tough, but they will be things I am willing to bear. The past year and a half has been an avalanche of uncontrollable events. This year, I hope, the avalanche is past me and I can work on hiking up my mountain of goals.


to 2018.

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