Field Trip: Enchanted: Forest of Light @ Descanso Gardens

Late November, I remembered I had bought tickets to Enchanted: Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens. I wanted to go last year, but my condition wasn’t at its best and tickets were sold out by the time I tried to book them. We ventured forth during the middle of the week to get there by 7pm and the garden was already bustling with people. When we were exiting the park around 8:30pm, there were much more people entering and it seemed a bit overwhelming. 7pm was a good time, maybe even earlier would have been better if one could endure or beat rush-hour traffic to La Cañada. It was a fun exhibition, especially for kids–very interactive and “cool” as my daughter would say. There are 10 themes to walk through and darn-it, I lost my brochure/map, so I don’t have the names of them. You’ll just have to go and see for yourself. ;) My recommendations would be to take a meal or snack and to wear warm clothing (very important!). We took BBQ drumsticks because we had not eaten dinner and my daughter who often refuses to eat during meal times devoured her chicken leg. The garden sells hot chocolate, apple cider, and an assortment of food, but they are pricey and there is no prohibition in taking food, so why not? There are places to sit scattered around the park, but about halfway through, we found an indoor seating area to dodge the cold and enjoyed our meal in comfort with a decent view of the lake. The exhibition will run until January 7th.

Photos don’t do justice to the lights and my videos are shaky and loud. But here they are anyway to take a glimpse at what’s there:

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