Seven Truths.

  1. “We’re going to Target.” “Daddy, do you have money?” “Yes…” “Then buy me a toy.”
  2. Growing your hair out from a shaved state is very difficult. Excellent post here.
  3. I never knew my neck (the back) could be hairy.
  4. When I am able to eat, I’m not hungry; when I have to fast, I am starving.
  5. My daughter doesn’t learn from direct instruction. She runs away. Rather, she learns from indirect instruction. We bought a piano so I tried teaching her basic notes (do, re, mi, etc.), but she ran away so I gave up (clearly, I am not a Tiger Mom). Today she demonstrated playing the scale (with one finger) and singing the notes. I have no idea how she learned them. I guess she can run around and play while I try to teach her something and she’ll learn… eventually. A very different approach to my teaching methods, but a somewhat real image of a classroom.
  6. Thanksgiving is next week. (!!!)
  7. Christmas.

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