Remember Xanga?

I realize there are many people who read this little blog of mine, and I am a bit embarrassed but also very thankful for your prayers and thoughts. It is a way for me to reach out in my introverted way, to share some of my burdens because sometimes they are overwhelming, and I simply enjoy writing. It’s funny: I always had an inclination to record something online, since the age of Xanga. Remember Xanga and MySpace? I never owned a MySpace account, but Xanga was life. (If you don’t know what Xanga or AOL is, well, I am that old). It’s not that I want to become one of those blogger/influencer people. I find writing online a way to be conscious of my thoughts and more selective of what I write. In my hand-written diaries, I am a mess.

Speaking of Xanga and AOL, I remember my freshmen year of high school when we were each given a laptop for the year to use for school. We were the pilot team and a year or two later the program terminated because kids began owning their own laptops and the school laptops were prehistorically made. Each computer weighed around ten pounds (I am guessing, but it certainly felt that way), quadruple the thickness of my 2011 Macbook Air because it had to be durable, and its only programs were Word, Internet Explorer (which was strictly monitored; mind you, the Internet wasn’t as developed as today; there weren’t many sites to begin with), and the calculator.  It is no wonder nobody wanted to steal them. We had to carry that monstrosity alongside our hardcover textbooks from each class. Internet research was almost impossible because we couldn’t access much and the Internet speed was also very slow (also note those laptops didn’t have wireless capability, so we had to find places to hook up wires/cables). Oh, the good old days. VCRs and Korean moms renting Korean dramas at grocery stores, cassette tapes and recording music while listening to the radio, CDs, then MP3 players. Can you believe MP3 players are also now prehistoric? (Apple stopped making the iPod!) Blockbuster DVD rentals. Handwritten letters from friends across and out of the country, pagers, tamagotchis, Nokia phones. I feel like a Buzzfeed article. To witness and experience so much change within the last 20 years is mind-boggling. I wonder what our lives will look like in another twenty years…

Xanga, Blogger, now WordPress. I will continue to write as long as I am able. I only hope my writing/content is interesting enough. :)

Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Remember Xanga?”

  1. I was a part of Xanga too. I miss that community often. It was just different than the sites around now. I came here a few days ago after a hiatus of like 3 years or more because I have stress and I missed blogging. It is different but I think it will be good for me to write again at some point. Even if just for myself. :)

  2. I’m feeling nostalgic for Xanga too. It was a safe place to try new things, experiment with your writing, without too much harsh criticism, unless you asked for it. I miss the sense of community. I have online friends that I ‘met’ there that I’ve kept up with for 17 years. It is sad that it is gone.

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