Fall Beginnings

Mornings are crisp and a cool breeze of 87 degrees gently whirls around Rancho Cucamonga. I look at the forecast and temperatures will reach the high 90s-low 100s within the coming week. Fall is such a tease in the Inland Empire. Stores are stocked with back-to-school supplies and even though I am no longer teaching, I get excited and purchase pens and notebooks. I’m reading through the Harry Potter series and words like ‘pumpkin juice’, ‘Honeydukes’, and phrases like “pass the marmalade” (during a breakfast scene) and “They all sat down, took out their books, quills, and parchment,” set the feeling for fall. At the same time, I randomly watch Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) and the country setting and costumes allude to the coming season. I dream of slow mornings with pumpkin pancakes and coffee. (Trader Joe’s!)

(photo from Lettuce Be Healthy)
I ask my husband why people are purchasing special solar eclipse glasses and he tries to explain the effects of the solar eclipse and states one can go blind if you’re not wearing special glasses. That sounds absurd, a way to monetize off of precaution, but of course I’m (sometimes) illogical and should follow his instructions, and acknowledge the warning written by NASA.

photo from National Geographic

photo from Exploratorium
Cheers to another week. Don’t go blind!

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