Vacation in Palm Springs

Initially, we wanted to go to Hawaii and we had made all flight and hotel reservations for our stay. Three days before departure, I had to be admitted to the hospital for severe aspiration. I needed to be monitored to see if I needed a G-tube, a tube to be inserted directly to the stomach so I can “eat” and get proper nutrition since I had a hard time swallowing anything, even/especially water. I ended up staying three days, until the day of departure, so we had to cancel all travel plans. In retrospect, I think it was God’s way of saying to stay and rest properly. There were so many things going against our plans: the inclement weather forecast, difficulty booking everything, family drama, and then my hospital admission. The good news was that I didn’t need a G-tube and that I could eat normally as long as the food/liquid was smooth and thick as nectar. If only I had been admitted a day earlier, we may have been able to go to Hawaii, but I believeĀ it was all in God’s plan. Maybe if we had gone, something worse could have happened. I will never know, but I trust it was all for my/our own good.

Instead we went to Palm Springs! Warmer, sunnier, and a whole lot cheaper! haha. (Well, not so cheap if we had stayed as long as we planned to stay in Hawaii). It was a time to recover and refresh, for all of us.



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