Poppy Fields at Lake Elsinore

My sister and I were planning on visiting the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, but according to last week’s field photo update from their website, there were, maybe, two flowers growing in the fields and patches somewhere in the east of the reserve. Because it was a two hour drive from where we live, I was a bit reluctant to go. Fortunately, the night before heading out to the reserve, I found an Instagram photo of someone in a poppy field from Lake Elsinore, which was only 30 minutes away! In 85-90 degree weather, we headed to the fields not knowing there was a hiking trail to get to the poppies. I imagined a vast field somewhere along the road and all we needed to do was park and walk in the poppy dreamscape. In reality, I was wearing non-hiking sneakers and my sister was wearing ballet flats, in a dress no less, and we had to hike up in the dirt path, my toddler girl getting cranky from the heat, and her auntie and mama sweating and huffing and puffing and nose running (me).  (I have a runny nose all the time, but when exerting energy or engaging in any sort of exercise, I have a runny nose as though I was sweating through my nose, haha).  By the time we arrived somewhere near the top where the poppies grew, we were too tired and hot to take decent photos. All I wanted to do was sit and quickly head back to the car. My suggestion is to go early in the morning when it’s cool and be prepared to hike a little. Anyway, here are the photos:

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