midnight thoughts

  • saw another full rainbow today… the last one I saw was on my birthday.
  • my sister’s turning into a bum. (she wears clothes that have holes, and not the fashionable kind!). lol.
  • for more than a decade I refused to watch K-dramas. Now I’m sucked into watching “My Love from Another Star” (not sure if that’s the title; I don’t want to look it up). WHYYY. (This is all due to my sister).
  • Now I speak more Korean at home, even to my husband who doesn’t really understand it.
  • He refuses to watch it. Smart man.
  • But he sometimes sits in and mocks it. He also has the same eyes as the antagonist. dundundunnn.
  • I visited LA’s arts district to drop off a pair of glasses I ordered online to get them readjusted and the area was so hipster that it was in itself ironic. I felt like I stepped into a set from Portlandia.
  • I tried to blend in.
  • But honestly! meh.
  • Only a few years ago the area lay barren.
  • That’s life.

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