Film: La La Land

Like everyone, I loved this movie, and I’m not a fan of musicals (except Sound of Music)! I believe the film was loved for obvious reasons: 1) Ryan Gosling: a male character who is handsome and flawed/helpless. I don’t think he’s very handsome, but as my husband would say, he is a “stud”, 2) Jazz, piano, orchestral music, (and dancing): drama and all the emotions, 3) Struggling artists: so L.A., so relatable, 4) L.A.: a romanticized city, 5) some not-so-over-the-top comical scenes: Ryan’s 80s ensemble, his Christmas music performance, his “biting of the lips” (haha!), and 6) the ending: something to which everyone can relate-the one with whom it didn’t work out. Emma Stone was great, but I think her voice needed to be louder (more powerful), and for some reason, I couldn’t get it out of my head that she looked like Michael Jackson. Okay, that has nothing to do with the movie, but the closeup scenes were a bit funny/uncomfortable for me, especially during her solo performance (“Audition (The Fools Who Dream)”). Maybe the director could have zoomed out a bit and filmed Emma walking through the streets of Paris (next to the Seine)/L.A. while singing. Just a thought. I loved the song, though.

My sister and I often joke about writing a book, song, or screenplay, and what we realize over and over again is, in order to be successful, one has to create something people will obviously love, like the above 6 reasons.


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