Film: What if (2013)

whatif Daniel Radcliffe plays a med school drop-out named Wallace. Zoe Kazan plays an über hipster illustrator/animator named Chantry (the name itself!).  He’s alone, she’s in a relationship, and she just wants to be friends. Yes, we know how this film will end. (The happy kind of ending).



Though the plot is cliché, the film makes up for it with unrealistic witty banter and humorous scenes. I love Wallace’s character–he’s sincere and sentimental. I don’t love Chantry’s character, but I do love her job and outfits, which makes her more tolerable. My favorite scene is when Wallace gets invited to dinner at Chantry and her boyfriend’s place. Her boyfriend accidentally rubs his eyes while dicing jalapeños and starts to scream in pain. Wallace, being a former med school student, suggests using saline solution and runs to the bathroom. He’s in a hurry to deliver the saline and the boyfriend is in a hurry to get it. Wallace ends up whacking the boyfriend out the apartment window while coming out of the bathroom. Luckily the boyfriend is  alive and later everyone ends up riding the ambulance singing “O Holy Night.”  So random and funny.

I would watch this film more than once, therefore I give it two thumbs up.


(all images from IMDb)

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