Weekend Update: Date Night, Date Day

Husband is back from Fresno and he’ll be here for another 3 weeks until another month away at a distant rotation site. I cannot wait for this traveling to end.

This weekend, we finally watched Looper, which was unexpectedly scary and disturbing (and I don’t want to give out any details because I don’t want to spoil the movie), and we spent Saturday morning in the city.  The Bay Area seems to be filled with coffee snobs, so there are many decent coffee joints around the city.  And these hipster places are so common, they’re usually not crowded (or touristy). Today we tried Sightglass coffee, a kind of warehouse that was a roastery, cafe, and a training space, similar to the Blue Bottle warehouse in Oakland, except Sightglass had plenty of seating.  For $4 a cup, we know we cannot visit often, but husband loved the ambiance and I loved their latte and savory brioche.  I wanted to take my momma and papa — true coffee lovers who have never tasted well-brewed coffee. My mom says her favorite coffee is from IHOP, which I understand, because she’s not necessarily saying that because of the taste of the coffee, but because of her sentimental breakfast memories there, and because they have unlimited refills. :)  I don’t know if she’ll appreciate expensive coffee, but I wanted her to try it nonetheless. Maybe one day…

Anyway, here are some photos:

7 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Date Night, Date Day”

  1. Aww, fun fun! Sounds like you two had a wonderful weekend. :)

    Sightglass! I’ve had their coffee before, but didn’t know they have a physical store in the city. I shall have to pay them a visit sometime.

    Uniqlo! How was it?

    1. The Sightglass store was awesome (for the lack of better words)! They had wide communal tables, bar seats, standing tables, and lots of space to read or hang out.
      And you should check out Uniqlo! It was less crowded than opening week — no more wait-lines out the door. We didn’t buy anything, but they had cute coats that I think you might like. It looks like an oversized wool blazer turned into a coat. You should def. check it out! :)

      1. Niiice. I like lots of reading/hanging-out space!

        Oh yes, definitely, now that I know that there are no more crazy lines to get in!

    1. hehe. :o) Ms. Pak-Man!! I miss you!! And Mini Miss Pak-Man is due soon! So excited for you two!! :D (sorry for the overuse of exclamation marks. ^^;;)

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