Weekend Update: Wedding in SoCal

This past weekend, we drove down to celebrate a wedding of one of my college friends. (So happy for you two, EK and J!)  It was fun seeing old friends again; though this time around, I had to interrogate a special someone of a special friend. :)  She won’t allow pictures on FB, so I’m posting them here, (hehe).  One day, when she decides to tell her family, maybe she’ll post it herself, but until then…

Of course, we always start our trip to SoCal with a trip to the beach.  During the short time we had on the afternoon of the wedding, we visited Newport Beach and Fashion Island.

It’s funny, all the beaches look and feel the same, and nostalgia hits me every time.  The ocean feels like home, and home is what I miss.

There’s a photo of me, my sister, my brother, and my mom sitting in front of a fountain at Fashion Island. I think I was six or seven.  In the photo, my sister and I are wearing outfits that resemble something out of The Sound of Music, and my brother is too busy playing with the water to notice the photo being taken.  I remember the photo because of my mother.  She sits poised wearing her wide-brimmed hat while her three rambunctious children make funny faces.  I miss my family.

When my husband and I stopped by this weekend, there was a lot of reconstruction/renovation going on, and Fashion Island was surprisingly big, so I doubted that I’d find the same fountain; also, there were many fountains around the plaza and I didn’t have the photo, so I could only recall certain details.  But when I found it, there was no doubt, and I even remembered the escalators leading up to the fountain area.  I think I’m sentimental. ;)

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Wedding in SoCal”

  1. I hope you were able to instill some kind of fear in him. There are few that I’d consider good enough for my SJ – and that’s no joke.
    Whenever I see your travel photos, I wonder how you and Yohan find the time to enjoy one another in various cities when you and him are both engaged in your professional lives (or so it seems). It’s really inspiring to see that the adventure can continue and even double after the wedding. How refreshing! May the adventures and explorations continue. (Besides, I need something worthy to live vicariously through while I sit at my unkempt home, writing my thank you notes…)
    On that note, I am beyond touched that you were able to make it to our wedding. Thank you. <3

    1. EK, have you double-dated with Hannah and her beau? You should interrogate him too! ;)
      But yeah, it’s hard to find joint time with the husband to go on our mini adventures when our schedules are so different. It seems like we do a lot of random things together, but the truth is, I’m just carrying my camera around for the everyday things, even if it’s an hour or two. Ya know me — I love taking pictures of nothing. hehe Enjoy the simple everyday things with your husband. :)

      It was our pleasure to attend your wedding! You two looked so happy together — so so sweet. Miss you!!! I hope we can all hang out one day. I’ll bring my camera.

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