just another Wednesday.

One downside of being a teacher is that we are not superhuman. Society expects it, and I wish we were, but we’re not.  We can’t guarantee success for every student, we can’t protect them from harm/reality, and we can’t fight off their innumerable, questionable, probably unidentifiable bacteria and viruses. Someone is always sick and someone is always coughing and sneezing, wiping his/her hands on desks, friends, papers, my desk and supplies, and it’s impossible to protect myself. When I’m lucky, I get sick ~3 times a school year. I’m not sure if that’s too much, but I think it’s pretty good since I’m exposed to these virus-prone children all school year. It’s no wonder that most teachers and friends think that my normal voice is husky. Once upon a time, I had an audible, pleasant(?) voice.

Anyway, it’s the third week of school and I’m already sick. At least 5 kids are running around with the virus, and I’ve caught it.  (Virus, thy name is child!) Since it seems to be more mild than the others, I have been going to work; which means, I’ve been coming home exhausted. I’ve been doing my household chores, taking care of my husband, and cleaning this and that every day.  Luckily, there hasn’t been much to grade at home (since I complete it at work), but days end quickly and mornings come too soon.

It’s much appreciated when the husband notices and wakes up early to make me breakfast, pack my lunch, and offers to go out for dinner so that I don’t have to cook and clean. *Note: He’s currently on a 2-week break from work.  And I much appreciated it today when I insisted on cooking dinner and he insisted that we eat out.

Today we ate at Zachary’s. An occasional break from the norm is often welcome.

4 thoughts on “just another Wednesday.”

  1. You make me want to be married right this minute. This post makes me happy. :D
    I’d gone through the response cards and was pleasantly surprised to see yours. I am looking forward to seeing you.

    Until then, down that vitamin C tablet, douse yourself w/ hand sanitizer, and wear white gloves if you have to like you’re from the 20s (30s?) – or just like your an ahjumma driving in the blazing sun. :)

    1. You’re getting married soon!! You must be so excited! Married life will bring you much joy… and other stuff. keke thank you for the tips! I’m an ahjumma, so white gloves are a no biggie. ;)

  2. *you’re
    I cannot believe I’d made the age-old mistake of distinguishing contractions from a possessive pronoun! It was a typographical error. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. :p

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