“About Me”: A Description of My Students

On the first day of school, I had my students write a short narrative titled, “About Me”.  I read them during lunch today and I couldn’t help laughing out loud from their sentences and honesty.  Here are some of their thoughts on their selves: (*note: I typed them as is, errors and all)

  • My name is ___. I don’t really know that much.  I also have a kindle fire that has a few books, but mostly games.  I also have double jount.
  • I love math just because.
  • My bad were writing.
  • I was born on May 24, 2001 at 5:24PM.
  • I very good words…
  • My childhood is great because my dad lets me play games.  My childhood is great because my mom takes me to movies.
  • I don’t like language arts because I don’t find it interesting.
  • (Goals) I want to be able to carry lots of books and get to every single class on time.
  • I don’t like math because there are so many numbers and get confusing.
  • My favorite subject is art and math.  In second grade I had my dad make me math problems like 967329843+ you get the point!
  • I’ve never gotten a below average grade on my report card, and I hope to keep it that way.
  • This year I want to learn, and be smart.
  • I like writing too but I can’t see things that far away so I usually sit closer to the board.
  • Growing up was quite easy and fun.
  • I am a very big fan of a band named Green Day.  I like them because their songs are about political problems and they are liberal.
  • I don’t remember that much of my childhood.
  • My child flew by quicker than a cheetah can run. (I think he meant “My childhood..”)
  • Eating, playing weren’t that hard.
  • You look like a good teacher (which you are).
  • I would like to go to paris but I know I can’t because I don’t have a passport.
  • I like wolves, wild dogs, and domestic dogs… I was highly known as the “wolf freak” at school. (female student)
  • My family is alright.
  • My weakness is puppies and my strength is carrots.
  • The things I hate are my sister when she is being annoying to me.
  • My weakness was knowing where to put the period in my sentences.
  • I used to always get Icee at Target. The flavor was always cherry.
  • I’m borned in New Zealand.
  • One of my weakness is well I don’t really have one.
  • I like to be neat, so I can find things.

I see potentials for good beginning sentences of stories. Honesty is original, and I hope I can develop these honest voices.

4 thoughts on ““About Me”: A Description of My Students”

  1. I wonder if teachers assign free writing assignments for entertainment, sans the two drink minimum requirement.

    Hilarious. I find the lack of jadedness so refreshing. Go Mrs. Shin!

    1. free-writes are always fun to read, and they’re easy assignments. I just give them 20 minutes to write anything, and I don’t need to grade it. :D

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