gourmandize: to indulge in good eating

A few of us rode the Bart to the city and grubbed for three hours at the San Francisco Street Food Festival.  The following foods ended up in our bellies: fried chicken (glazed with) Sriracha butter, tonkatsu sandwich, dulce de leche crepe, spring rolls, pho rolls (?), chicken and sausage jambalaya, pork meatballs,THE! Prawn baguette, hand pulled burrata with garlic bread, surf ‘n turf sliders, and a cookies ‘n cream ice cream sandwich.  Of course, the four of us split bites of each, but we still suffered from food coma on our ride back home.  I wish my husband could have enjoyed these foods with me. ;)

The End.

4 thoughts on “gourmandize: to indulge in good eating

  1. It has to be the instagram editing feature that’s allowing me to taste through the photos. :) Everything looks so delicious!

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