I love cali when it’s 79 degrees

stream of unconsciousness:  at 9am, the nursery kids have a dance party with the bass bumping surround-sound. it’s summer, a time to sleep in, but no, my alarm clock is a live band of 3-ft kids. it doesn’t help that they like to scream, and roar, and growl, and cry, and caretakers like to sing and rap. which reveals something about human nature; as kids we were animals. as adults we are merely articulate.   on another note, supposedly I have a questionable lifestyle, because my sister keeps on asking, “Does Yohan know about this?” He’ll find out. When we’re married. keke. what? nothing. speaking of marriage, we found a place to live in Oakland. our very own place with french windows, a rooftop BBQ area, and a laundry machine in our kitchen. I can’t wait to decorate it like Pottery Barn.  too bad our tastes are on the opposite sides of the decoration spectrum. I am modern-country, he is contemporary-future.  But it’s a good thing he’ll let me do whatever I want. Flowery bedding, mercury glass vases, birdcages, flowers flowers flowers. hehe. I love flowers!!! which is why I’m currently constructing a 26′ flower banner. which is turning out to be a catastrophe because I have no space to store this 26′ mass in a roomed filled with wedding chaos. sometimes I wonder, “What was I thinking?” What am I doing? Ahhhhh!!!  and my sister (aka my maid-of-honor who’s supposed to be my slave) watches k-dramas ALL day when she’s not engaged in dissension. it’s lunch time, the weather’s nice, and i feel like Mexican food.

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