Great America

It’s the last week of school (today is the last day of workl! woot!) and 8th graders had the privilege of spending a day at Great America.  Little did I think about how other schools might send their 8th graders to the theme park on the same day. But it wasn’t too bad because there were only/maybe 3 other schools.

i see a bieber, but there were many more

Did you know:

1. there’s a separate teacher’s lounge in the theme park. It’s like a hotel lobby, with sofas, a large community table (where we can eat and grade), computers, iced beverages (i.e., water), and a clean bathroom.  With 900+ 8th graders roaming the park, the separate bathroom was the best perk. The public restrooms were… let’s say, less than agreeable.  I didn’t stay in the lounge, but I thought it was a convenient idea.

2. 14-year-olds are not too cool to shout “Hi!!” to their teachers. Either that, or we’re so awesome they are not embarrassed to say ‘hi’ to us. B)


3. Due to my reserved nature/façade, I surprised my kids when I jumped on board for all the rides.  Some were too scared for rides like “Drop Down” (like the “Supreme Scream” at Knott’s), so they watched with mouths agape as they witnessed their teachers soar into the sky. It was a funny sight, probably for both parties. -_-;

4. I am getting married in 1 month and 3 weeks! :O Invites will be sent… soon. :)

p.s. my shoes arrived and they are sparkly! :D  but I have a Toms-tan.  The upper half of my feet are dark… -_-;;

3 thoughts on “Great America”

  1. Looks like you guys had a really great time. :D

    And yowza, those shoes are awesomely sparkly! Don’t worry about your TOMS tan. I don’t think it’s something too difficult for some foundation or concealer to handle. ;)

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