Road to Fame

Last year during the month of November, a handful of my students participated in a writing program called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month: Young Writers Program).  Some were enthusiastic about the idea of writing their own novels, some were participating to take part in the end-of-the-novel-writing pizza party (that I had used as an incentive), and some jumped on board and quickly jumped off board once they realized it was no easy task to write 10,000+ words.

Well today, one of my brilliant students who overachieved and wrote 59,000 words came into class with her actual novel! Students were settling into their seats when the student came by my desk and handed me a book, but I was too busy organizing my papers to notice what she was showing me, until she said, “Ms. Chung, it’s my novel! from NaNoWriMo!” I dropped everything and the other kids rushed to my desk. “What! Let me see! Let me see!” “Are you famous??” “You wrote a novel?!?!” “When did you write this?!” “How did you get it published??” “Did you design the cover?” “Can I buy one???” “Where can I buy it?” “Wow Wow! G’s famous!”

I never felt so happy and proud.


6 thoughts on “Road to Fame”

  1. Gah, I’m just jealous! I never get past 300 words on Nanowrimo. I guess there’s always next year… but I’m running out of time. I heard all brilliant novelists get their breaks before they turn 30. heheheh

    1. i tried it too, and failed. we must find the story to write about.. before we’re 30 (that doesn’t give me much time. *faints*)

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