Another pleasant surprise in the mail.  When my sister said she watched Tangled in theaters, I scoffed at such ridiculousness. Because I thought Tangled was going to be like The Princess and the Frog — which I also didn’t watch because of its ridiculousness. (Can you tell I’m very judgmental? keke).

Anyway, I was surprised at how many people were saying Tangled was a good movie. Coming from adults. of the male gender, no less.

After trying to avoid watching the film by pushing it further and further away from the “Next” on my Netflix queue, I finally received it in the mail today.  And… I liked it! I loved Maximus the white stallion and the little frog. I mean, chameleon. So cute.

Though I’m not a fan of fairy tales (because of their creepy nature),  there’s something about the fairyland that draws my attention.  I like the idea of living in a kingdom with little roads and little shops and little roads that lead to where the castle lies above, and an enchanting lake in the middle of town, where people can ride their little boats and light their lanterns into the night sky.  Now that’s a kind of date that’ll make me really happy. ;) (where can I find such a town?)

But yes. I liked Tangled. And yes, I’m very behind in grading my last batch of papers. But yes, there’s hope. Because… because……. next Thursday, all will be over and I will be free to dream of my own castles in the air.

4 thoughts on “Tangled”

  1. i skimmed this one quickly and avoided the pictures b/c I DIDNT WATCH IT YET! and i wasn’t sure if there were spoilers or not..

    1. hahah, you need to watch it! i didn’t give anything away in the post and the photos I posted aren’t good quality. you need to watch it to really appreciate it! GO Go GO! :D

  2. Haha. My experience with Tangled was very similar to your’s. When it came out in theatres, I refused to watch it for my usual high-brow reasons: It doesn’t look promising. It can’t possibly be a good movie. I bet it’s riddled with clichés and flat characters and a predictable plot. Blah blah blah. But after hearing such glowing reviews of the movie, I gave it a shot. And gosh, I was utterly blown away.

    I liked Maximus and Pascal too! And gosh, weren’t the lantern scenes beautiful? *_*

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