Interpretation Variation

Fascinating. How a photo, a quote, a piece of literature, a film, a film scene, a conversation, anything really, is subject to interpretation. Even health, based on my absent knowledge and observation of Season 1 of House, is based on interpretation.  A person has a, b, c symptoms. Could it be x, y, or z?  One doctor could diagnose it as x, but another could diagnose it as z. After much study, they could agree it is actually y.  Don’t correct me if I’m wrong.  But back to the photo, quote, or film scene — let’s study this photo, for example:

Fact: There is a dog, a kid, on grass. Kid’s right hand is on the dog’s head.

Interpretation: The dog looks sad. The kid is a boy. They are in the middle of a grassy field. It is a gloomy day.  The boy is gently patting the dog. Who knows; maybe the dog just looks that way. Maybe the kid is actually a girl. Maybe it’s not a field, it’s a small park. Maybe the boy is trying to balance himself by putting his hand on the dog’s head. It’s all a matter of interpretation by observation.

And now, let’s study this photo:

Fact: Hair is in a low bun with a hair accessory.

Interpretations: Curly. Not so curly. Slight bump on top of her head. High bump on top of her head. No bump.  Lots of hairspray. Little hair hairspray. Loose curls. Casual. Formal. Short hair. Long hair. Bangs. No bangs. Slight bangs.

The combinations are infinite!

And with one photo, I have been getting all sorts of different results, and none have been looking like how I have been interpreting this photo.

I see: loose curls, casual, no bump, no hairspray, slightly messy.

And I have been explaining my interpretations.

But no matter what, the artists have been seeing things differently, and interpreting my words differently, though I feel like I have been very clear: “NO BUMP please. LOOSE CURLS please. CASUAL and SLIGHTLY MESSY please. I know you need hairspray, but KEEP IT TO THE MINIMUM please.”

But no. This is what I got today:

It’s similar, but there’s a bump, it’s tight on the sides, everything is tight except the bun with curls. I’m kind of, sort of, tired. Of misinterpretations. :T

5 thoughts on “Interpretation Variation”

  1. I love your blog, it’s very intuitive.
    Anyway, i think i see a SLIGHT bump (with the hairband) and I think your hair looks similar. Maybe you can run around a bit after the hair or blow dry it afterwards or stand in front of a strong fan.. .. your hair’s pretty wispy in general, so yeah.. but maybe asian hair is heavier than blond hair?

  2. Oh gosh, that’s frustrating. :(

    Perhaps you can try curling the entire length of your hair, and not just the bottom half? I’m looking at the reference photos, and it seems like the model’s hair is wavy from root to end. The curling would give a more wispy feel when done up. And if strands are let loose, it would help make the overall ‘do look slightly messy and relaxed.

    Good luck, Jeanee!

    1. THanks Jenn! :D I definitely need to explain clearly that I want my hair to look wispy, slightly messy, and relaxed.

      i hope i can find a stylist soon. :) Or, as yohan tells me, I should do my own hair. (eek!)

  3. You will be the most beautiful bride in the world no matter how your hair turns out!! So happy for you :)

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