Film: Almost Famous

After watching so many underwhelming films (Source Code, Water for Elephants, Limitless, My Neighbor Totoro, Pirate Radio), Almost Famous came through Netflix as a pleasant surprise.  The cover made it seem like the main character of the film would be Kate Hudson, but the film is actually about a 16 yr old boy (named William Miller) and his naïve exposure to the rock ‘n’ roll realm.  I enjoyed the film’s 70s vibe with yellowish hues and bold prints, Jason Lee (as Jeff Bebe) rockin’ his bell-bottom jeans and long hair and beard, Zooey Deschanel’s early quirkiness, France McDormand’s atypical mother role and her mantra, “Don’t do drugs!”, (I’d like to be that unabashed), one of the last scenes in the airplane where everyone confesses everything because they think they’re going to die — hilarious, Billy Cudrup playing Russell Hammond, who is always in the spotlight, always, and Jeff’s hatred (as the lead vocalist) toward Russell (one of the guitarists), which sheds light on how every band has a cute one who receives all the attention and the rest of the members who remain blurred and unknown, hidden in the cute one’s shadows — so sad, but so true.  I liked this film mainly because of William Miller’s innocent account of finding his inspiration in the midst of musical chaos, human flaws, and unrequited love.  It’s raw and honest, and well cast.

Favorite quote: “One day, you’ll be cool.”

Two thumbs up.

Next on my Netflix queue: Tangled.

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