Dance Party for Kids

There are ~twenty kids running around the playground of the day-care center next door. When weather permits, kids run outside every other hour shouting like little Tarzans. “Ahhhh~~EEEE~~~AHHHHH~!!!” “WoooOOOOOOO~!!” “Rahhh-AHHHHHHH!!!!”  (*Note the crescendo).  Today, the weather permits. Luckily it’s 4:35PM and there’s only 1.5 hrs till their parents come to pick them up. One and a half more hours………….

It’s funny on some days.  There was once a boy with a really low voice who cried like the world was coming to an end. I can’t even create an onomatopoeia for it; it was just so tragic.  And there was once a boy who rigorously peddled around and around the playground on a tricycle-wagon-thingamajig with two girls in the back-seat enjoying his labor of love. If only you could’ve seen him peddle. Adorable.

But today is not one of those funny days. Today is one of those dance-party days, when the care-takers turn on the radio and bump up the bass.  Little kids jump up and down, up and down.  Music bumps thump thump thump. And I am….. sort of tired.  I’m becoming the grumpy neighbor, wanting to shout, “Dennnis!!”

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