What should I wear?!

A silly question I have been reluctant to ask. I felt confident that I had a plan; I knew what looked best on me.
But no! I don’t, and this is terrible. I have a limited time to coordinate two outfits (one casual, one semi-formal).

Initially, I was looking for a dress that looked like this (while I was also searching for the same dress (which I later found out was out of my price-range and out of season (not for sale)):

However, for the past few months, I have not found a dress remotely close to the color and style.

The dress above was my plan; but with no dress, I have no plan! What am I to doooooo. (hehe).

Blogs (weddings + photography) have informed readers that engagement photo wardrobes should be vibrant in color. If I were to choose colors that best suit my skin-tone, I think my best match would be red or navy/royal blue. So far…. it’s been difficult finding the one. What do you think of these? (*note: setting for photos: city)






not necessarily these items, but this look (jcrew)


photo from the Sartorlialist






a different white blouse + this skirt (photo from jcrew)




i) trench coat + blouse + jeans


I don’t know……………………

btw, is it a bad idea to wear white?

Do you have different recommendations? or recommendations on what not to wear?

10 thoughts on “What should I wear?!”

  1. hey jeanee!

    here are some suggestions! :D
    1. i can see you in yellow! more than red… bright and fresh. blue is pretty too!
    2. i’m sad that blue dress wasn’t avail. that would’ve been perfect on you. :(
    3. i can see you with a floral with g. bottom or a floral b. dress.
    4. i randomly came upon this photoblog and i really like the girl’s outfits. i think you’ll look cute in the outfit with the bright yellowy cardigan and blue skirt. or the 3/4ths length light green top with the high waist skirt. http://connielyuphoto.blogspot.com/2010/09/crystal-jon-fullertonca.html


    1. ooh! I really like the outfits on that post. :D and thank you so much for the recs! I’ll definitely include yellows and florals into my search. this was so helpful! thank you!!


    you wear the C combo a lot though anyway.. then you won’t have to buy anything. hehe.

    sorry i have no suggestions.
    just i love this

  3. Hello, Jeanee
    I ‘completely’ randomly came across your tumblr, and I like your posts so much(especially the ones about your students) :) Well, I know this question is not for me, a very random visitor who does not have a clear idea of what kind of clothes you normally wear, buuuutttttt here’s a website that I visit often just to look at the latest fashion trends, or color combinations. What’s great about this website is that several brands (mostly from England) are put together on the website, making it much easier for me to look at the brands all at once :) and I think I saw a Zara dress, which is similar to style a) on this website. Hope you like it & good luck !!!:)


    1. Hello! Thank you so much for the link!! I’ve been browsing the site all morning. hehe. I like how you said several brands are put together on the website; it definitely makes searching a LOT easier. Thank you!!

  4. Oh, and if you really like a dress there, you could always go visit the original website (like Zara, ASOS, Miss Selfridge and so and so) and purchase it. You don’t have to use this ivogue.net because it is originally for Koreans who desire to buy items that aren’t available in Korea. So, you know what I mean. :)

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