I love the transition into spring — when the sunlight in the morning warms my room that faces east and afternoons and evenings are noticeably warmer.  I.e., I don’t need to battle my comforter every morning and feel like I live in a freezer in the evening. Perfect weather for me is 70-75 degrees, and it’s been perfect for the past few days. The weather may sometimes reflect (or affect) my mood, and I think I’m a spring kind of girl. Summer’s too hot, winter’s too cold (and wet); I love spring and fall. :)

Here are some other reasons why I love spring:

2 thoughts on “spring”

  1. Wow, beautiful! I like how the blossoms on the trees just seem to glow, while the space around them are heavily shadowed. Very enchanting and mysterious. :)

    I’m excited for spring too. No more numb toes or chilled hands! Yay!

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