Wedding Planning

It’s spring break and now I have a different job to attend: wedding prep! I need to see what we have done so far in order to see what we still need to do.

  • ceremony+reception venue: check
  • catering: check
  • florist: check
  • dress: check
  • bridesmaid dresses: um.. check?
  • reception music: check
  • ceremony music: check
  • day-of-coordinator: check
  • cake: check
  • honeymoon: tickets – check

Now, we need to…

  • get our website details together (stories, hotel recommendations, venue directions/maps, images, music)
  • gather slideshow photos, create slideshow
  • contact other helpers (emcees, flower girl’s parents, ring bearer’s parents, ushers, scripture reader, ladies to help at the guest table, videographer)
  • guest table brainstorm: gather supplies, construct necessary items
  • wedding favors: order items
  • design/finalize invitation: also, find ribbons
  • design wedding program: order of ceremony, songs, scripture selection
  • design menu board
  • design table-seating board
  • design stage area deco
  • hair & make-up contacts
  • shoes! :)
  • groom’s suit, groomsmen attire
  • registry
  • photobooth
  • out-of-town guest arrangements (family, friends): hotel recommendations
  • rehearsal dinner: possible locations
  • living arrangements
  • honeymoon hotel arrangements

I see, the fun has just begun.

One thought on “Wedding Planning”

  1. you don’t sound too sure about those bridesmaid dresses. haha. well, if anything, you have one less bm dress to worry about. i ordered mine the other day :)

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