In a small town called Emeryville

Target opened! Mmmm, the smell of packaged goods and freshly waxed floors. I entered the sliding doors and made my way through the labyrinth of clothes, Easter candy, and fresh produce.  Maybe it was the cleanliness and fully-stocked shelves, maybe it was the friendly staff-members who wanted to know if I needed help finding anything, maybe it was the candy! I went in empty-handed intending to simply browse, but I left with cereal, milk, and… of course, candy! :D  It was delightful.  I remember when the Whole Foods opened in the Lower East Side and how happy I was to be a member of its neighborhood.  Now I have Target in Emeryville, and it’s awesome. :) I hope they close late.


peanut butter
and jam
salad dressings
canned tomatoes
Easter baskets

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