Grey Skies

The gentle tapping of rain is California winter.  Some say it’ll snow on Saturday — the possibility stirs excitement like the double rainbow.  But for now, it rains.  Why is weather more interesting than anything else I want to share.

Papers on my desk are piled and recycled, piled and recycled; but lately, they’ve been piling into multiple heaps.  I’m shackled by RSVPs and unsealed envelops. Who do I need to call? Where does this go? By when? Oh, I don’t want to répondez, s’il vous plaît! Unfortunately, I cannot recycle obligations.

grim, glum, grey. that’s how I feel today.

maybe it’s the rain.

photo by jess engel

3 thoughts on “Grey Skies”

      1. Haha, I understand. I can be as well. But seriously, if you do find yourself in a pinch and would appreciate a hand, call me up. :)

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