A Vocabulary Lesson

I know many of my students do not enjoy drawing, but I occasionally force them anyway because I find it a helpful method in learning vocabulary words. Their sketches and stick figures are often so funny (sometimes absurd), I take pictures and present them through Powerpoint. The point is, they learn and remember the meanings of words through others’ drawings, through observation and interpretation.

Here are some examples:


"The stick figure is thoughtfully looking at the statue."
*note: this student didn't draw stick figures; he drew numbers

poor teddy bear
I was glad it wasn't English

"A super hero elephant was a whimsical thought."
"The forest was inhabited by an evil ogre."
thinking outside of the thought-bubble

*note to self: teach spelling

"The dude's hat is odd and unusual"

2 thoughts on “A Vocabulary Lesson”

    1. maybe subconsciously, the kid associates math with asians. but realistically, it’s because the kid who drew it was asian, and that’s her style of drawing. :T

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