Lev & Love

The Last Station is a film based on the last year of Leo Tolstoy’s life.  His official title and name was Count Lev (or Lyev) Nikolayevich Tolstoy.  With dedicated, and sometimes, raving, Tolstoyans at his feet, Tolstoy’s last year seemed to be a battle of his love torn between his wife’s (Sofya) love and the public’s (including a devotee named Vladimir Chertkov).  Though money and copyright issues were the dominant reasons of dissension, Sofya seemed misunderstood — she wanted all profits to stay in the family, to be distributed amongst her children; but above money matters, she desired her husband’s love that seemed to be taken away by those who sought after his legacy.  Yes, she seemed crazy most of the time, but many (i.e., Tolstoyans) who believed in Tolstoy’s philosophy of love, did not recognize their own ignorance to love, and came between Sofya and Lev.   In the end, after many “intolerable” disputes, Lev Nikolayevich attempted to get away from his wife to live in peace; but it was then, at a train station, in the middle of his journey, when his illness intensified.  He was surrounded by fans, news-reporters, his devotee, his doctor, etc. — everyone except his wife.  He’s shown expecting his wife’s presence, even though he strictly told her not to come find him.  Viewers then realize it was their separation that was intolerable for him. She was the cause of war, yet she was the source of peace. hm.

Films like this always leave me melancholy. I don’t know why.

2 thoughts on “Lev & Love”

  1. I’ve made a note to watch this movie. It sounds interesting! And it doesn’t hurt that it’s well-stocked with good actors. :D

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