Coffee Addiction

Hi, my name is Jeanee, [“Hi Jeanee”], and I’m a coffee addict.

It started in 2007 while attending grad school; it was something easy to grab on the go at one of those food carts, with lots of cream and sugar. It was cheap and it was breakfast.

After three years of regularly consuming the addictive stimulant, I have become a dependent. To save money, I’ve been drinking black coffee during the week, and therefore, my tolerance has risen.

I had no time for a cup today and my head began to throb by 11am.  By lunch, I was rushing to my car to go to the nearest Starbucks and I was so happy they were giving out sample espresso from their new line of coffee. I took a shot and ordered a cup. Within thirty minutes I was back to my normal state and my head throbbed no more.  Starbucks was my tylenol; Starbucks/coffee is my poison.

I shall put an end to this at once — with tea.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Addiction”

  1. jeanEEEE

    i don’t know what i’m gonna do this winter. what are You doing this winter?? i think it will depend on that.

    oh yes. and coffee. starbucks is my fashion.

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