My bedroom window overlooks a newly renovated playground of the daycare center next door. Every other hour, kids run out in a state of frenzy, some in their automobiles (i.e., tricycles, bicycles, red-wagons) and some on their two feet. I’ve noticed there are many incorrigible screamers. To clarify, these screamers are not screaming because they are upset; they are simply screaming for the sake of screaming; and I cannot help but wish they were taken to Narnia.

I realize they range from ages 3-5 and I (must) understand their yearning to run and scream free.  Because I, too, occasionally need some time to run and scream in my own adult way. I.e., through blogging. So here it is, my second attempt to make known my awesomeness. jk.

you know it.  ;)

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